3 Great Gifts For Travel

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3 Great Gifts For Travel 

by Comfortripz


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, its well into that time of year again and we, here at

Comfortripz, figure we throw in our bid. We are going to go over 3 items that

would make great Christmas gifts or any time of the year, gifts that you can

find right here at Comfortripz. Lets get started shall we, first up... 




 #1 Bluedio T7 Bluetooth Headphones




Bludio front view



This flagship of headphones by Bluedio is made for noise free listening. No

more loud flight interference, or unwanted public noise leaks. You can sit back and

enjoy your flight, personally silence the undisciplined children around you, or just

enjoy your lunch break in a noisy environment. With 4 microphones and little

turbines in the cups, you have all you need to emerse yourself in your sound. Not

to mention the great bass that you can just feel in your chest with these. You can

find this product waiting for you with single and multi-pay options here for $165.5 

numero dos...

Black ZL50 SmartwatchPink ZL50 Smartwatch

#2 The ZL50 Smartwatch

Now next on our list is the ZL50 Smartwatch. Now wait! We know its not an Apple,

or a Samsung or a flagship watch BUT!! Wait, just hear us out, hold on, before you

just read past this all abruptly, know that this is decently featured; it has sleep,

heart rate, and Oxygen monitoring, a 7 Day battery life and sensitivity features that

keep you alert. Makes a great gift for a sports watch, or someone just trying to

count calories as this also does that as well, not to mention a responsive touch

screen watch face. In short its a great smartwatch that does not break the bank

and works with apple or android. You can find the ZL50 Smartwatch here for $67.




Portable Speaker


#3 Portable Wireless Bluetooth E13 Speaker Stereo with Sub woofer

Last but not least, is this portable speaker with a subwoofer to boot. Its rounded

for more multidirectional output and has a subwoofer for those ground shaking

bass moments. You can take this anywhere you go for outdoor and indoor use.

For a portable affordable speak that packs a punch, you can find the Portable

Wireless Bluetooth E13 Speaker Stereo with Sub woofer here for $54.5

Well there you have it folks, three decent gifts to give to a loved one or friend, or

even enemy (Tis’ the season), as a Christmas gift, to show you care about their

daily travel whether it be inside or out. Thanks for reading Comfortripz’ “3 Great

Gifts" For Travel”. Blessed travels and know that its not a good trip unless its a

comfortable one. God Bless.

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