List of 10 Essentials to Bring on a Road Trip

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List of 10 Essentials to Bring on a Road Trip

By Comfortripz

Road Trip Essentials

If you're looking for a one stop shop to find a quick pick-up site for some things
you may need for a long ride has you covered. In this article we
are going to be going over 10 products we have that are essential for going on
the road and that are good for families when traveling. We will cover a few things
for families, as well as our readers who have furry family
members. If you see something or things you like, feel free to click on the links
and purchase. Don’t know about you but we find that preparedness is
cautiousness and when it comes to family comfort on a long road trip with loud
bored energetic bundles of blessings constantly asking 21 of the same questions
repeatedly… well we find no matter how much you purchase you can’t over
prepare but this list can get you started.  

1. The Children Safety Strap Seat Belt Pillow

Child safety strap pillow with child laying on seatbelt
    When you have young children and you are traveling, you are focused and on a
    mission to get to your destination as fast, quick and cost efficient as possible, so
    that you can use most of your time to enjoy wherever you are going. Children on
    the other hand are there for the ride and experience. They like the sights, the
    scenery, it’s a whole vibe for them. So to make sure they are comforted and dont
    look like something from a horror movie when you turn around to check on them,
    these pillows promote seat belt comfort and can also be there to catch a head or
    two to prevent indents on your child's face if they happen to fall asleep. Comes in
    5 vibrant colors and The Children Safety Strap Seatbelt Pillow can be found here
    for $12.00.

    2. Urinate Bags

    gray bags meant to take in urine and absorb liquid
      Yes, we know it sounds gross but when you gotta go you gotta go. So that being
      said, so we don’t have to worry about the car smelling like a public restroom, we
      made sure to keep this stocked in the store. There isn't always a close rest stop or
      a gas station close by during travel, to account for that, these (as they say on the
      front) “emergency toilets”, help with the all too soon pee breaks that we may need
      or children for that matter may need. These are also great for camping, they have
      an absorbent power in them that helps for a simple clean up. The Urinate Bags
      can be found here for $9.00.

      3. DC Portable Tire Inflator

      Digital Tire inflator with pump and cigarette lighter plug
        It always pays to have your own tools and this machine is no exception. The
        digital portable tire inflator is compact for easy storage and runs off the battery
        from your car using the basic cig. lighter plug in as seen in the pic above.
        Whenever there is a rest stop and no air pump is available this pump is essential
        for travel. It doubles down being great for other tires as well, like bikes, both motor
        and manual and  comes with the ball attachments to pump up basketballs, beach
        balls and the like. So whether the soccer ball hasn’t been used in a while or you
        are closer to a rest stop than a gas station that may or may not have an air pump,
        comfortripz has you covered. The Digital Tire Inflator can be found here for

        4. The Car Heated Smart Mug 

        Black electric heating mug that can be used with car cigarette lighter plug to heat beverageWhite electric heating mug that can be used with car cigarette lighter plug to heat beverage
          This next item speaks for itself, it is just that, a car heated smart mug. Now before
          we talk about this we want to stress not to offend those of the more traditional
          brew cause traditional brewer lives matter, but for the sake of those who go on
          trips and essentials for those on the go this is a must have and must mention. For
          those who are on the go or need a pick me up in mid road trip, and a cup of quick
          instant caffeine is going to get the job done, this is the mug for you. The Car
          heated smart mug is made for long ended travel because it allows for your desired
          drink of choice, usually coffee for most, to be added, heated and enjoyed on the
          spot. We have all been there on the road, staring at the divider lines one after the
          other focusing and feel the time between blinking is starting to get longer and
          longer and do whatever it takes to keep woke and focus until the next stop or just
          go on a wing and a prayer, there isn't always a rest stop close to grab a
          caffeinated beverage or a cup off coffee, so this is for that very reason and why we
          at comfortripz were happy to add it to this list.
          Just pour in whatever your drink of choice is, turn it on, allow time for heating and
          you can drink right from the mug. You can find it here for $90.50.

          5. The Simple Car Tray or Car Table Organizer

            Our Number five item is a two-fer. On the left you have the simple care dining tray,
            its great for passengers/families for any type of food, mainly fast food. Fast food
            nowadays has more so, involved more drive-thru traffic, cause of good old social
            distancing, though we have accepted corona as the new normal its still best to be
            safe where you can. This allows for a sit down dining experience for your
            passengers even when you are on the go. On the right we have the Car Seat
            Table Organizer. This is more of the upgrade but essentially provides the same
            function with more bells and whistles so to speak. It has pockets and spaces for
            storage of things like an umbrella, snacks, electronics, it comes loaded.
            Nevertheless its basically an upgrade of the dining tray and for those comfortable
            eating experiences in the back seat definitely a must have. You find the Simple
            Car Dining Tray (left pic) here for $30.00 and the Car Seat Back Bag Folding Table
            Organizer (right pic)  here for $40.00

            6. Car Air Inflatable Travel Bed Mattress

            inflatable mattress made to fill up the back seat of a care for sleeping
              This product is another one that speaks for itself. The long and short of it is that its
              a car bed. It allows that you when are at rest stops you can get a quick wink
              before having to get on the road again. Its really durable, so much so we have a
              gif of someone driving over it and still as fluffy as an air pillow. This makes it a
              must have in our books. You can find the Car Air Inflatable Travel Bed Mattress
              here for $95.50.
              Don’t think we forgot about our furry passengers out there. For our next trip, an
              essential device for travel is…

              7. The Pet Seatbelt 

                Dog sitting in front seat with harness attached and clipped into seat belt clip with pet seat belt
                What we adore about this seat belt is its simplicity. It's a super easy belt that locks
                onto your pets harness and clicks into the seat belt catch. This is very safe in the
                event you have a startled pet, they are not running all over the vehicle or leaping
                out the window off instinct. More great news is that we have an assortment of
                colors so we have options that should fit your harness color scheme. You can find
                the Pet Seat belt for fur baby security here for $12.00.

                8. The Pet Stroller

                Pet Stroller meant for small pets
                  This is for the true pet owners, the ones who really want to set the tone for their
                  new family member in the beginning. This says “comfort on all fours for my best
                  friend on all fours”. The Pet Cart or stroller, however you prefer, is for puppies and
                  small pets. When you are out and about and its too cold or hot to leave them in
                  the car, put them in the pet cart. Have an emotional support animal, but you keep
                  getting those stares as if your need for your family is less than anyone else’s?
                  Problem solved, with the pet cart they can stroll into the store and still be there for
                  you and not bother anyone else. The Pet Cart can be found here and comes in an
                  assortment of colors for $268.00

                  9. The Pet Carrier 

                  white fluffy cat peaking head out of gray backpack like pet carrier on sky blue backgroundwhite woman in black, white polka-dotted dress with pet carrier on back with white fluffy cat in the carrier
                    To add to the next essential to our list for travel and comfort for our furry
                    customers we have the Pet carrier. As seen in the pics above the pet carrier is for
                    small pets and provides a much closer experience for your pet. It's durable and
                    made to house your pet and keep with you when you want to go inside places that
                    have pet restrictions. We recommend you take care of your pet and be mindful of
                    making sure its outside and activity needs are met of course but for those places
                    that are foreign to you and you just want to keep your furry or scaly companion
                    close this is a must have. You can find The Pet Carrier here $99.50

                    10. Prodigen's Dog Car Seat Cover

                    Prodigen branded dog cover for back seat in car for dog to lay and drive around withGolden retriever laying on gray Prodigen dog bed
                      Last but not least is the Prodigen’s Dog Seat Cover. For those of you who want
                      the best experience for your pet in the back seat or prefer to enjoy a park and
                      relax atmosphere with your dog, Comfortripz has you covered. The dog seat cover
                      is specially made to make sure that the material is waterproof and durable so that
                      the dog does not ingest any material. Its good for parking and letting the dog run
                      in from a field or ride-alongs of course. With the mesh that's attached to the middle of it it allows for your dog to see you and you to see them. Prodigen’s Dog seat Cover is a must have for pet travel and can be found here for $65.00
                      Well readers that concludes the Comfortripz “List of 10 Essentials to Bring on a
                      Road Trip”.Thanks for reading, we have many other products meant for traveling
                      in comfort because we believe it’s not a good trip unless its a comfortable one, so
                      check us out at, happy buying, God bless and safe travels.
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