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Simple Car Dining Tray

Simple Car Dining Tray

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Made of high-quality ABS plastic, sturdy and durable. It can be installed on the back of the car seat, with simple installation, convenient use and simple disassembly. The product has powerful functions, can place boxed meals, drinks, snacks, mobile phones, books, etc., and is strong and safe.

This type of backrest fixed tray is especially recommended to all car owners. This product is a backrest fixed tray. It adopts a multi-layer three-dimensional design and has different sizes of space distribution. The types of items placed are clear. It is very considerate. It has a shelf that can hold various types of drinks and a fishhook shaped garbage bag hanger, which will not feel messy. It is a very practical vehicle interior product

Brand: Shunwei

Model: SD-1503

Color: black

Size: 340 * 200 * 30mm

Material: ABS

Gross Weight: 650g (including color box)

Product Packaging: 1pcs/color box

Number of external containers: 26pcs/ctn

Outer box size: 58 * 54 * 38

Product Features:

1 Reasonable design and powerful functions

3. Simple installation and disassembly.

4. High quality material, fine workmanship and excellent quality.


Please keep the spare parts and nuts of this product. (Fixing belt)

It is forbidden to support it with hands. The load is limited, with a maximum of 3kg. It is recommended that it be less than 2.5kg.


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