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Car Multi-Functional Plastic Phone Folding Bracket

Car Multi-Functional Plastic Phone Folding Bracket

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Car Multi-Functional Plastic Phone Folding Bracket Car Navigation Bracket Cell Phone Navigation Car Phone Bracket


Type: Stretched

Model: plastic mobile phone rack

Applicable brand: General

Applicable model: universal

Applicable scenario: general

Rechargeable: not rechargeable

Installation position: instrument panel

Universal mobile phone holder

Comfortable handle 1, one hand access | reserved charging port



Easy single hand operation

Press and hold the button on the back of the bracket to open the arm clamp

Easy access to mobile phones, convenient and fast


Semi automatic design ● simple and fast operation

Press the back button of the bottom bracket gently,

Automatic opening of clamping arm


The reserved charging port is convenient for charging

The contact part between the support and the mobile phone is equipped with a silicone anti-skid pad to protect the mobile phone from scratches, dropping and affecting the charging


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