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USB Portable Mini Ozone Air Purifier

USB Portable Mini Ozone Air Purifier

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USB Portable Mini Ozone Air Purifier Fresh Deodorant Sterilizer Eliminator  for Car Refrigerator Closets Pet Car




Type: Deodorant Sterilizer

Rated power: 3W

Rated voltage: DC 5V

Power mode: USB

Color Category: White

Function: In addition to formaldehyde sterilization

Control method: push-button

Applicable objects: home bedroom living room office.

Air purification product category: air disinfection purifier filter type: composite filter

Maximum noise: 15dB

Noise: 5-15dB

Size: 115x115x43mm/4.49x4.49x1.68inch


Measurement Details in the attached picture.

Package included:

1X Air Purifier Deodorant Sterilizer

1 x USB Charging Cable


100% brand new and high quality.

Freshen Air reduce odors, Ozone has a strong oxidative decomposition ability, which can quickly and thoroughly eliminate odors in air.

Ozone is a kind of strong oxidant, and pesticide is any kind of organic compound. Ozone disinfection destroys the molecules of organic pesticide through strong oxidation, making it lose its medicinal properties.

It can remove the odors of cars, indoor smoke, dust or pets effectively, useful for small space, like toilet, shoe cabinet, refrigerator, offices, cars, conference rooms and entertainment places. It also can be used for outdoor, camping, travelling to disinfect and deodorize clothes, towels, rags, socks, etc.

Instructions for use:

This product has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be used in any space after being recharged, such as refrigerators, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, wardrobes, shoe cabinets, cars, etc. It has disinfection and deodorization functions.

1. Cycle deodorization mode: Long press the power button to enter the cycle mode (reminder light flashes), stop for 8 hours after working for 10 minutes, and then stop for 8 hours after working for 10 minutes, and then cycle until the machine runs out of power automatically.

2. Single deodorization mode: Press the power button again in the cycle deodorization mode to switch to the single mode (constant light), and it will automatically shut down after 20 minutes of operation.

3. Power reminder: When the battery power is too low, the indicator light flashes quickly (reminds that charging is needed); the indicator light flashes slowly during charging, and the indicator light turns off when fully charged.

Common questions and answers:

Q: Is ozone harmful to the human body Common questions and answers

Answer: Unless we have been in a high-concentration ozone environment, it will affect people. Ozone will decompose automatically at normal temperature, and it has no effect when used regularly.

Q: Does ozone affect furniture appliances

Answer: Just don't keep blowing on the object for a long time and keep a certain distance from the object when using it. Normal use is not necessary.

Q: Do I have to wait for 30 minutes for disinfection before approaching

Answer: It is recommended to wait for 30 minutes to have no effect. If you still feel the taste, just open the doors and windows to the wind. After using this machine for ozone disinfection or removing formaldehyde, ozone can be free.

It will decompose into oxygen, and no residue will be generated.


-Please allow slight deviation of measurement due to manual measurement.

-Due to different monitors and different light, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

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